Technical FAQ

Q. What is Metpol?

A. Metpol is a shortened version of METallised POLyester and usually refers to a laminate of this thin film material on any paper or board base. The films are usually 12 microns thick and weight about 18 gsm. Thicker and heavier films are sometimes used, most notably the brushed finish types. The term is a generic one and is sometimes also used for laminates of any metallised film on paperboard.

Q. Can I print onto Metpol laminates?

Yes when using traditional printing techniques but problems do exist for many types of digital printing.

Q. What is print treated Metpol?

There are several types of treatment commonly applied to Metpol to improve ink trapping and adhesion although with correct choice of inks and print conditions a treatment is not strictly necessary. The best of these remains a Nitrocellulose (NC) coating, closely followed by an Acrylic coating and lastly a chemical treatment. MetalPaper uses films with each of these surface treatments and also some untreated films. If you are concerned please ask when you first speak with us.

Q. Which other finishing processes work on MetalPaper products?

Our MetalPapers can be processed using all the common techniques used in print finishing, such as varnishing, lamination, foil blocking and gluing, provided the materials used are chosen for their compatability with the MetalPaper product. In addition our MetalPapers can be folded, creased, embossed and cut/trimmed with ease.

Q. I’ve had difficulty with previous suppliers so why is MetalPaper different?

Firstly the team at MetalPaper has vast experience in the business of specifying, producing and supplying Metpol laminates. We will not supply you with product that is not suitable for the job in hand, give you the wrong advice or be optimistic on lead times.

Secondly we are dedicated to Metpol laminates and we have no other products competing for our attention or production space.

Thirdly our chosen manufacturing technique of sheet fed production alongside a single sales office offers superb production flexibility in ease of proofing, job and sheet size and paper and board choice.